Tomatohead Chalenges And Attachments!

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Tomatohead Chalenges And Attachments!

Extra saucy.

Tomatohead is an Outfit cosmetic item in Battle Royale that Can Be Bought in the Item Shop.

The Special Delivery Rear Bling skin comes bundled with this particular outfit. In Patch 5.30, a set of challenges were awarded to owners of Tomatohead. Players that finished the challenges were  given a selectable design for skin. In the season 5 battle pass, at tier 93, the loading screen that’s Tomatohead’s concept artwork, if you look close it is possible to see that the Tomatohead’s actual name the actual name of the Tomatohead is Uncle Pete.

Tomatohead HD Wallpaper


If you’re interested in finding one of  the very unique skins from the game you have discovered it in Tomatohead. You have discovered it in 21. The skin depicts what seems to be the mascot of this Tomato Town Pizza Restaurant. It’s a giant grinning Tomato for a head, together with bright teal tights and a red pizza vest. The teal parts are covered in what is the blood of the enemies or tomato sauce. The Tomatohead is your very first  shop skin to have an style that is unlockable. You need to finish three Tomatohead Challenges to have the ability to use the alternative style. You only have to own the Tomatohead skin, so you do not have to be wearing it to finish the challenges.

Tomatohead 4K Background


Tomatohead Challenges

  • Play 25 matches
  • Deal 5,000 damage to opponents
  • Gain 20,000 XP

Tomatohead Set


Axeroni Tomatohead Wallpaper


Special Delivery Tomatohead

Special Delivery Tomatohead Wallpaper


Tomatohead Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Cost: 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Back Bling: Special Delivery
  • Type:  Outfit
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