Some Interesting Facts About Ice Cube

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Some Interesting Facts About Ice Cube

O’Shea Jackson Sr. was born on June 15, 1969, and known professionally as Ice Cube. He is American rapper, writer and actor. So Ice Cube originally gained fame as a member of C.I.A, Hip-Hop group, and then gained limited business success before disbanding three years after. Additionally, Ice Cube, together with Dr. Dre and Eazy E, then formed the group N.W.A, and in which he gained intense notoriety as the group’s main songwriter and performer, noted for becoming one of the founding artists of gangsta rap, also pushing the bounds of lyrical articles in mainstream popular music, so as well as visual imagery in music videos.

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But after departing N.W.A at December 1989, Ice Cube embarked on a successful solo career, releasing the records AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (1990) and Death Certification (1991), each of which have achieved platinum accreditation in the USA. And while being classed as defining records of the 1990s. So has comprised storytelling and unpleasant comment, and which has made him accolades from musicians and books, often mentioned as among the greatest rappers of all time and a consequence. Here are some interesting facts about Ice Cube.

1.Ice Cube Attended The Exact Same High School As Some Other Famous Rappers

As a teen, Cube’s parents pull him from school in his high-crime neighbourhood and bus him to suburban Taft high school in the San Fernando Valley. He begins penning his nascent rhymes at the identical alma mater as Eazy-E and House of Pain’s Everlast during computer class, and starts to question the drugs and violence ruining so a lot of his friends and neighbours aren’t being eradicated.

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2.If rap had not worked out, he could have had a career in modelling

Determined to split a better life for himself, Jackson enrolls from the Phoenix Institute of Technology and earns a two-year degree in architectural modelling.

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3. Eazy-E nearly refused the classic tune”Boyz-n-the-Hood”

Cube raps the lyrics to”Boyz-n-the-Hood” for Eazy-E, who initially rejects the tune before changing his mind, with Dre’s encouragement, and choosing to put it on wax, the first of dozens of verses Cube could scribe to get Eazy.

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4. Ice Cube assisted to create Chris Tucker’s career

“If you’re able to write an album, you are able to write a movie,” [filmmaker John] Singleton informs Cube. Launched, Cube stars and writes in the cult classic Friday, which grosses $28 million on a $3.5 million budget and leaves co-star Chris Tucker a hot commodity in Hollywood.

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5. Ice Cube reconciled with Eazy-E soon before the rapper’s death, along with both spoke reuniting N.W.A.

Eazy-E dies in March, 1995, Because of complications from AIDS, but not before running into Cube at the tunnel in Nyc. “We ended up talking for 2 hours,” Cube will inform Hot 97. “He had been speaking about,’Let’s get the team back together.’ Two months later he got ill.”

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