Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person

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Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person

Facts To Have in Mind

Remember when traditionally dogs usually look like males and all cats look like females? Well, although there are exceptions, dog owners both female and male tend to view themselves as more masculine than cat owners do. There was a survey done and this was the result.

As for sensitivity. It is said that cat people are more sensitive, and some would percept sensitivity as a bad aspect, but that is not necessarily the case. Cat people are more sensitive according to studies, while dog owners displayed fewer signs of sensitivity in provided tests.

It is commonly known that cat people are mostly sophisticated with ironic humor with clever wordplay. Dog people, on the other hand, laugh at fart jokes and videos of people accidentally hurting themselves.

Bad Sides

Well, some studies show that cat lovers tend to be more anxious and neurotic than dog people. Generally, pet owners are more satisfied with their lives than non-owners.

A recent study was done in San Diego (Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention), and it has shown that “Dog owners were higher in well-being, more conscientious, less neurotic, and marginally more extraverted and agreeable than cat owners”

263 participants were part of the questionnaire which was done at Manhattanville College in NY.

“It’s impossible to tell just from my study, but I imagine that it could go both ways. Personality likely influences our choices to adopt a pet and which pet we choose, but our personality is not fixed, so it could also be influenced by our relationships with others, including our pets… I’m currently conducting a longitudinal study on pet adoption, and I hope to be able to disentangle these sorts of relationships, to see if personality actually changes after adopting a pet,” – Katherine Jacobs Bao

Open Minded vs Conservative

Cat lovers are more-open minded, yes studies have shown these results. They are more imaginative, creative, adventurous. Dog lovers, on the other hand, believe anything you tell them :)) They generally obey all rules, while cat owners tend to be nonconformists. Guess who has more traditional values – dog owners because they are more rule-abiding than cat owners.

Cat lovers are more loners than dog lovers. Study shows that cat owners are more likely to live alone and in apartments than dog people. Dog owners prefer houses.

Intelligence & Friendliness

Facts. Dog lovers are more friendly than cat lovers, who prefer being alone. Dog lovers are more confident and dominant than cat lovers. What is also interesting is that facts say that cat people are actually more intelligent than dog people, and they will not let you forget this. Also, cats, in general, are more intelligent than dogs.

Did you know that there are more dog people than cat people in general? Around 6 % more US households own dogs than cats. So the scale is around 5:1. A quarter of them says they both love dogs and cats.

Can They Get Along, Can We Get Along?

The answer is yes. It all depends on the nature of the person and the energy but it is possible. Studies have shown that people who love both cats and dogs have almost identical personalities to those of dog owners. Bottom line – dog owners are more willing to tolerate the idea of owning a cat than cat owners are willing to own dogs.

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