Apex Legends – Great facts about great game

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Apex Legends – Great facts about great game

Apex Legends is new battle royale First-person shooter game, occurring 30 years after the happening of Titanfall 2. The main difference between Apex and other battle royale games is by integrating Legends heroes with exceptional skills that fall into characters like Offense, Defense, Support and Recon. So it is giving a player the chance to personalize their personality that is chosen through numerous items such as voice lines and weapons, Legends, and banner.

Apex Legends Backgrounds

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Interesting Apex facts for you

Fact 1

Since the game is put in Titanfall Universe apex Legends is a sequel of Titanfall 2. Apex Legends is set after the events of Titanfall 2. Therefore it happens at the Outlands where gamers (Legends) compete against each other in a battle royale to get the best rank. It includes characters that are unique with distinct skill sets, Although Apex Legends doesn’t attribute the robots. Additionally, gameplay and the Apex Legends setting are homesick to Titanfall.

Fact 2

Apex Legends was unknown for many people in the gaming community or the online media. Everything occurred in a couple of days’ span. That gives immediate competition to games like a fortnite battle royale.

Apex Legends Images

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Fact 3

Apex Legends provides a three-member group play style. Solo or duos modes are not available to play. The three-member team gets the game more intense as every player participates the part of heroes that are distinct. This implies a tactical choice of coordination and personalities can cause you to the legend of this battle.

Fact 4

Apex Legend was an instant hit game from EA and Respawn Studios. We had no thought that a game was in development. Initially, 24 hours of the game’s first release, Apex Legends had 2.4 million gamers during the launch. EA promotes their games everywhere before release. There were a few promotions to get a game before launching.

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